Finds the best macros for your reply.

For every incoming email SwiftMsg searches through all your macros and finds the best match. Select the suggested macro and you’re ready to send.

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SwiftMsg Finds the Macro To Use

SwiftMsg matches each incoming email with all your macros - even if you have hundreds of them. When the agent opens a ticket in Zendesk, SwiftMsg suggests the best macro to use for the ticket.

Save a gigantic amount of time

New agents take weeks to familiarize themselves with all different macros. If you use more than 50 macros, even your experienced agents loose track. That’s why replies to the same question are written over and over again. On average the time a single agent spends dealing with repetitive requests adds up to about 300$ per month.

Integrates with Zendesk

The SwiftMsg Zendesk app lives in the ticket sidebar and has an easy-to-use and beautiful user interface. Your agents will love it.

Zendesk Macros or Templates

If you're not using Zendesk macros, use the SwiftMsg admin area to create and update templates in one place. Your agents can propose new templates or updates right from the Zendesk app. With this process your templates stay up-to-date and issues that occur often come to your attention fast.

AI & Text Analysis

SwiftMsg uses text analysis to find the right macro for every email request. The more a macro is used, the better SwiftMsg understands the context in which it’s used. This allows the SwiftMsg AI to get even better the more you use it.

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Rolling Out SwiftMsg is Easy

Rolling out SwiftMsg is easy and most of the time IT doesn’t have to do anything. Our support engineers will help you at every step of the way.

  • To get started, sign up and connect your Zendesk account in the SwiftMsg admin panel.
  • If you already use macros in Zendesk, they are automatically imported and synchronized.
  • Last, install our app from the Zendesk Marketplace. You can start rolling it out to a sub-group of your agents and add more agents as you go along.

Excellent Support

We are proud of the support we provide. Whatever the issue or question, the people behind won’t rest until everything works better than expected. You will always talk to or write with engineers who can help you right away.

Is SwiftMsg for my Company Size?

SwiftMsg is built to work from day one. No need to import thousands of old emails, it will recommend macros immediately after setting up your account. But SwiftMsg also scales well. It doesn’t matter if you get thousands of emails a day and have hundreds of macros. Request a demo to discuss your specific needs.


It’s the strongest data protection on earth. SwiftMsg is based in the European Union and complies with GDPR. Learn more about how we handle your data.

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